Saturday, June 02, 2007


.a bit of rain this week, and when that happens we are desperate not to waste any!! hence the pic of yours truly trying to be helpful, in the end i just got very wet!!

lots of excitement here today (2/6/07) as Uganda Cranes take on Nigeria(football) in a key africa nations qualifier. There's real talk and hope of uganda winning?! we will see, at least it's an excuse to watch football and eat cake.

As there has been an overwhelming desire for more pics of me!! thought i would let you have 2 today, what a treat! (don't know who for!?)

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Dan said...

Hello Browns, sorry its been so long since my last communication, even in my silence I am missing you guys a lot! give my love tot he kiddies if they still remember me! (who could forget?) also love to calvary, tell mugabi i miss kicking his butt at football...
not that much going on with me, working, getting a badly infected hand somehow, recoving, working some more, life cracks on!
hows silas?
God bless