Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another school trip!

Silas has been doing a topic about cars in school (his suggestion!), so a trip to the mechanics was in order! We have (sadly), got to know this particular garage quite well since our move to Kampala, as our car has had to have some substantial work done on it. Silas had a great time though .....with lots of pointing at crucial car parts .....Steve on the other hand had a slightly more frustrating visit... : our car has been making a strange squeaking sound since its last 'fixing' and Steve was going to check it out. He took it in to have a test drive so they could listen and make a diagnosis. Trouble was, there was no sound at all from the car ..(just steve trying to re-create the high itched 'eeeeessskkkkk' sound himself). The car behaved perfectly until it got to within sniffing distance of our house here and then the squeaking returned!

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