Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Morning

A pretty normal saturday here in the IY household. We generally do cleaning and jobs in the morning - today we sanded down benches than needed a coat of varnish - heavy work..but there were plenty of us.

Juliet is catching up on here washing - all by hand so fairly time consuming,....

and the two girls Zam Zam and Fiona had been invited out to an end of term party at a school where they have previously worked on their they were all dolled up and ready to party - at 9.30 in the morning which was quite a challenge for both of them!
Silas was caught developing a new lego creation - also a very important job.

The teenagers we live with do work hard, sometimes needing gentle -or less subtle(!) - reminders to get going, but mostly they are willing and very helpful. All of them do their own clothes washing, we have rotas for washing up etc, and at the weekend they also cook and do some general household cleaning.

We have grown to know them more closely with living all in the same space, and they have made it fairly easy to share 'our space' ...

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