Friday, November 11, 2011

Rainbow Day

Today at Joel and Anyas School it was 'Rainbow Day' in the primary section- they celebrate the great diversity of cultures represented within the school ..over 60. Children dress up in the colours of their nations flag, and there are various activities plus food tasting related to the different continents. Thanks to a masterful outfit made by her mum Anya got to be in the parade! Kathryn got involved in painting Henna on childrens' palms in the Asia section.

The school that Anya and Joel go to is an international school teaching the British curriculum, but most of the children are from East Africa - Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Then there are many others from the other African nations, China, Russia, Canada, Germany, Wales etc etc... We are so grateful for the chance to send Joel and Anya to this school. They have made friends and so far have fitted in well.

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thezsfamily said...

well done on the costume, Kathryn! :)